As a successful entrepreneur, Richard DeVaul has been involved with several companies. He was director of technology at Apple from 1998-2001. In this role, he worked with Steve Jobs on the launch of products such as the digital hub for music distribution and then later when he became CEO again in 1997. DeVaul then moved on to become CEO of his own Company, General Magic, specializing in handheld devices. This Company failed after 9 months but was later bought by Sony.

After this, DeVaul took a position as VP at I2 Technologies. His work here included the development of software for mobile phone networks and voice recognition technology. The Company had a successful IPO in 2000 before being sold to Motorola.

DeVaul then founded Project 11, which Google later acquired. He became director of special projects at the Company. He started developing products for Google Glass, driverless cars, and intelligent mobile devices using sensors. This led to his current role as head of Google X Labs.

DeVaul has just won the award of “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2013. This was given to him by Ernst & Young in their awards ceremony held recently in New York. The judges were impressed with his innovative nature and got on board with some of Google’s more outlandish ideas, such as driverless cars. The Company feels that they are on the cutting edge of leading technology, and Richard DeVaul is an integral part of this development.

Richard DeVaul began his career as an engineer by working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech. He then worked for Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) in Boston, where he worked on developing communication devices for NASA. He worked on a system that enabled scientists in different locations to communicate from across the world. He then earned his degree in electrical engineering at MIT before working as an engineer and project manager for General Dynamics Electric Boat Division. He later moved on to work as VP of technology at Interval Research Corporation, a Palo Alto-based think tank. It was here he developed his first Company, General Magic. Read this article for additional information.


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