Of course, we cannot talk about internet companies and modern businesses without mentioning JD.com, currently one of the largest e-commerce companies globally, and the brains behind the company’s endeavors; Richard Liu. The business leader is credited for achieving tremendous success despite coming from a poor background.

Liu was born and bred in a small village that lacked modern conveniences such as electricity and running water. Despite growing in a poor background, the entrepreneur had high ambitions building a name for himself in the business scope. Qiangdong delved into curating his educational background at Renmin University. During his tenure, he developed a passion for computers and would learn computer programming skills alongside his sociology degree.

For a while, the accomplished entrepreneur worked in fledgling business handwriting copies, an endeavor that saw him a wealth of skills and experience in computers. The business leader enrolled at the China Europe International Business School to pursue his EMBA program upon graduating. Liu Qiangdong delved into honing his management experience by accepting a work opportunity at Japan Life, a behemoth herbal supplement giant. But that was not where Richard’s interests lay, so he took a risk in 1998 and started a small brick-and-mortar business in Zhongguancun.

Richard Liu’s steadfast dedication to the business model saw it rise significantly in its first few years. Sure, Jingdong scaled into a comprehensive retail store with numerous branches across Shenyang, Shanghai, and Beijing. In 2003, Richard Liu uncovered a lucrative opportunity to grow his business into a new path. But yes, JD.com officially opened its e-commerce footprints in 2005. See this page for additional information.

Richard Liu’s commitment has been vital in growing JD.com to prominence. In 2007, the company made strides in developing its national logistic system to create viable technologies for the country and transform the e-commerce sector.


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