Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is the president and founder of Sial Engenharia and a Brazilian businessman. Rossi Arnaldi was born on 27 July 1962 at Sumaré District, though, at the age of 17 years, he relocated to Maringá city situated just below Sumaré. He moved with the idea of furthering his education and also to work. 

He started his professional career journey as a Banco Bradesco clerk. Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi has always had a substantial interest in civil construction in the career field since he relocated to Maringá. Arnaldi secured his first construction company in the 1990s that led to Residencial Mares do Sul, located in Maringá and today the Sial Engenharia.

Additionally, during this time, he stretched the business to relocate to Paraná, the Cascavel city. Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi acted as the West of Paraná’s Civil Construction union president in the year 2000. 

The entity comprises the Sinduscon’s State four units. During this period, he addressed and experienced the various sector demands. Also, in the construction industry, the Sial Engenharia Company, founded by Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi, appeared among the largest companies. This boosted his company, securing major works within Paraná and other Brazilian states like Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina.

Additionally, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi led the Civil Construction state chamber in 2003 and 2004. The entity is based in Curitiba, which is Paraná’s capital. In 2004, Arnaldi began farming corn and soy, besides civil construction works.

Having a unique real estate view, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi established Laguardia Empreendimentos to expand his company. He dedicated this company to real estate development and construction. He also came up with a company to serve the medium and small-sized public works, the Massapê Construções.