Steph Korey, the author of The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook, is a leading expert on social entrepreneurship. Here, she discusses the importance of entrepreneurs working to improve our world through their ventures.

    1. The Work Steph has been Doing with Peace Direct


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Since she’s spoken about social entrepreneurship, Steph has been working with Peace Direct. This organization funds and supports grassroots initiatives in areas affected by conflict. Peace Direct focuses on women’s groups to help people in these areas take a stand against violence. Steph has been working with Peace Direct for the last year and a half, which is how she came up with The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

  1. Inspiration for Steph and Away to Get Involved in Peace Direct

The inspiration for The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook came from the Peace Direct project. Steph Korey wanted to include more people in her organization and she wanted to encourage them to grow their networks so that they could get the most out of the work they were doing.

  1. The Mission of the Partnership between Away and Peace Direct

Peace Direct hopes to bring more funding into grassroots organizations working in areas affected by violence. These projects aim to support women in these regions, who can then help other women in their communities create change for the better.

  1. How Being the Head of Supply Chain at Warby Parker Help Steph when She Started Away

When Steph Korey first started Away, she had a lot of big plans. She had the idea that they could be more sustainable and it would benefit everyone on their team. She knew that she needed to find fabrics that were made ethically by people who were paid fairly, but there weren’t many options out there. So she decided to make her own.


Steph Korey is a visionary in the world of social entrepreneurship. She has been working with organizations like Peace Direct for some time now, and she’s trying to expand her network so that it continues to grow. This new book will serve as a tool for new entrepreneurs looking for direction in this industry.