Dr. Chris Brummer is a lawyer who cares a lot about security and about legal standards surrounding the economic market on both an international and domestic basis. He currently has turned that passion into one that involves teaching as he is currently teaching at the Institute of International Economic Law that is located in Georgetown. He is actually the director of all of the law faculty there, and he helps to teach research-based courses to the students that are present. Prior to this role, he taught at the Vanderbilt University of Law, and he has had guest appearances at the London School of Economics and other international schools. 

One of the top roles that Dr. Chris Brummer has completed is his three-year job with being on the National Adjudicatory Council for FINRA. This role allowed him to work directly with Congress to determine there were no security threats for the economic investors in the world. President Obama had also appointed Brummer to a Commissioner in his Cabinet to become head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Brummer is no longer in this role as president Trump took his opportunity from him when he was appointed president of the United States. 

Due to his lack of a role in the government sector anymore, Chris Brummer’s primary concern is working with law students at his prized university. He has a lecture at least once a week, and in his free time, he writes to help his students and to help other lawyers around the world. One of his most popular books is Law in a Nutshell that gives a general overview of some of his own experiences and some general tips in the field. Brummer is well-known, however, and he has received many awards throughout his time of working in this important field.