Joseph Ashford Ellis is a renowned London-based business tycoon and serial entrepreneur. His venture into business development and philanthropy has contributed a lot towards the success and growth of several London-based organizations and the community.

He founded K4 Global; a Bournemouth based multimillion firm that offers consultancy services. He did not just stop establishing K4 but also the Butterfly Foundation that provided the integral and required medical support to help individuals living with the disease. He also explains some of the challenges he underwent during his childhood after losing his dad. J

oseph explains that making both ends meet was a severe problem, and he lived through hardships before becoming successful in life. It is not easy to accommodate and cope up with the pain of losing close relatives, especially your family and siblings, almost at the same time. However, Joseph Ashford Bournemouth, the London-based business guru, accepted this, decided to move on with life, and mastered navigating well regardless of the tough times.

Joseph Ashford Ellis (Bournemouth) has grown to become a business guru because of the wide range of skills and expertise earned while working in several financial companies. Joseph acknowledges that the challenges he underwent while a child helped shape his career and make him become the better person he is currently. He never looks down upon any small thing in life because he also came from the bottom before rising to the top. His contribution towards the success and growth of small and growing businesses is worth appreciating.

He has attended several global conferences as a speaker educating the upcoming and established entrepreneurs’ hacks to help them grow to greater heights. Besides founding this company, Joseph,K4 Global is also passionate about supporting the growth of his community and those around him through philanthropy. Most charitable organizations have been for the well-being of the community. Refer to this page for additional information.