Many sons want to grow up to be like their fathers. This was definitely the case for Carlos Beirao da Veiga. His father worked for a soft drink company as an advertising executive. This is what he was meant to do. This means that he can make his father proud each day. He did well in school, and knew that he wanted a career in the marketing sector. The onkly thing he had to do was to make it hapepn on his own, and come out from under his father’s long shadow. He wants to do his own thing when it comes to the marketing milieu.

Carlos Beirao da Veiga was able to go to the United Sttes, and earn a degree in marketing. He was able to work as well, and gain lots of experience before he was able to take the plunge. He wanted to create his own business, but he knew he haed to take the time to learn as much as he could before going out oon his own. After he came back to Lisbon, Prtugal he was ready to take the leap. This is how his consulting firm came to be. Now he has the world in his hands.

He loves being able to interact with people. He wants to hear ideas from them, and figure out the best way to go forward. That is why he loves his job. He enjoys going to work each day, and be able to make the marketing world just a bit better than it was before. He can stay in the area of Lisbon, or do work from the other side of the globe. This is how far he has come in a very short amount of time. It is all thanks to his loving fathers wonderful influence.

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