President and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Murawski is a specialist in medical robotics. Graduating from Western Illinois University, he used his degree to help pave the way in the medical and health field by developing, engineering, and managing new leads on robotic technology. In addition to his achievements in robotic technology, Tim Murawski has been given much recognition for commercializing one of the newest robotic technologies, the Mazor Robot. 


His newest ground breaking technology, partnered with CEO Elimelech Nissan and other team members, created Augmedics, a company that is designed to change the way doctors and surgeons see and operate on the human body. This means endless possibilities, and all done with exact precision for those extreme and delicate surgical procedures. Mr. Tim Murawski has developed The Xvision, an augmented reality headset and visual display. It has been developed in such a way where surgeons have 98.9% accuracy for implantation, better control for less distractions, 3D anatomy, and so much more. 


He’s even thought this through as a wireless headset that talks you through what you are seeing on the screen, eliminating markers. With the tools that led Murawski up to this design, this is a game changer for the medical industry. Tim Murawski used traditional methods to come up with this idea, and collaborated with his team of developers to ensure that this device was going to make surgery as accurate as possible. This means less margin of error, some tools obsolete in the operating room, and just an overall game changer in the medicine world! 

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