It briefly introduces Microsoft’s VP of Office, Tom Keane. Tom Keane has been a part of Microsoft for four decades and discusses how technology can create new opportunities. He talks about the integration of technology in our lives and where it’s taking us. Throughout his career with Microsoft, he has seen the company go from hardware company to software company to cloud company and how we are now living in an ecosystem dominated by the technologies they provide.


The outstanding engineer Keane is responsible for the Office product line, which ranges from Office 365 and Office 2013 to Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. He discusses how Microsoft has integrated technology into our lives and how the company has changed along with the technology. He suggests that we live in an ecosystem where all our technology, including mobile devices, is built around Microsoft technologies.


The software developer and engineer says that one of Microsoft’s greatest opportunities will be finding ways to work out new ways to sell services. Tom Keane states how people spend more time on their phones and tablets and less time printing papers and documents or using physical keyboards or mouse clicks. 


Publications like the Economist have already begun to use Office 365 for their newspaper and magazine subscriptions. It is only the beginning of what the software developer and engineer Tom Keane believes will significantly change how we consume information (Crunchbase).


Keane believes that Microsoft will continue to prosper as long as it can find new ways to sell products and services. I think that Tom Keane, who has been with the company since 1974, has a great idea of what Microsoft can do, but how will he ever be able to accomplish it? In reality, Keane has managed to lead this transition and continues to lead it by establishing new channels for interacting with technology in our lives.