Miki Agrawal is the founder of TUSHY. The company deals with the manufacture of bidets. The portable bidets can be fitted to any toilet to achieve the desired hygiene after using the toilet. The high quality and portable bidets can be stressful to market because people are not open to discussing materials to do with toilet hygiene. She found a way to make her marketing efforts more effective. She advocates the use of humor during the marketing process. When a serious topic is made fun of, people get interested and discover the benefits associated with the products. Other areas she utilizes to grow her brand are:

Explainer videos

She has been highly reliable in coming up with explainer videos. The videos touch on different areas of interest to the potential buyers. Miki Agrawal believes people will buy the product after they know how it works. From the explainer videos, it becomes easy to explain to buyers the way the product is used. She has managed to convince a lot of people into buying her products through the high-quality explainer videos.

Mid-sized influencers

Another strategy Miki Agrawal uses is the mid-sized influencers. The influencers make it possible for the followers to know more about the way the products are used. When people are interested in a given product, they would like to see if famous people endorse it. To stick to a budget, she advocates the use of mid-sized influencers who will not charge exorbitant prices but will get the information about a given product moving.

Logos and Public Relations

She also advocates for the proper use of logos and public relations. Miki Agrawal knows the need to develop a good reputation for a brand. Many people will be eager to get products from a given location after associating the brand with high-quality products.

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