Krishen Iyer is a successful businessman with expertise in insurance administration, advising, and sales. He was born and grew up in the state of California. He attended San Diego State University after graduating from Bullard High School in 1998. This university awarded him a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development. Krishen Iyer  started his profession in selling insurance, managing lead businesses and generating traffic to a linked insurance distribution network shortly after college graduation. His focus was on insurance distribution infrastructure, as well as insurance sales and marketing. 


He has a lot of knowledge in the insurance lead marketing field. As a result of this, he has established, run, and leased a number of businesses in the Golden State. Also, Krishen Iyer was the founder of Managed Benefits Services. This comprehensive marketing and consulting firm assists other insurance firms and agencies with brand promotion and consulting. Krishen Iyer just sold this business to pursue the next fun and innovative branding and consultancy venture. However, Managed benefit services (MBS) is still growing stronger. The company is under new and excellent management. There is hope it will still continue prospering. It focuses on health insurance, although it may help clients in a variety of industries. 


Now, Krishen Iyer devotes most of his time as the CEO of MAIS Consulting. As the firm’s founder, CEO, and president, he enables the firm’s consulting with premium health and dental insurance customers. In addition, his organization focuses on the development of all other businesses in the Insurance Distribution field. Through his vast experience, Krishen Iyer leverages the agency to find procurement and advertising tactics gaps that help clients accomplish tangible business objectives, such as higher profit margins and increased web traffic. Outside of his profession, Krishen Iyer is enthusiastic about accounting, studying, and his family.


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