The social platform with over 60 million users will be releasing its very first NFT collection the “Rando’s” this year in late April. With Yubo’s new “socialize and earn concept” The collection has 10,000 pieces of Art and gives its users more ownership. Yubo will be the only app that allows Gen-Z to have a real sense of ownership. After its release of pixel exchange in July of 2021, around 5 million pixels were exchanged and the NFT launch is born. Rando owners will earn revenue by continuing things they already do in the app. Such as live events and sending pixels. In turn, they will also own a stake in the social platform which allows them to earn other personal revenue. This is the app’s next step based on the current interest of Yubo users. This is also the platform’s first step towards the use of the 3D metaverse in which NFT owners can use their Rando’s as avatars.

Two weeks After announcing its NFT launch on March 13th, 20,000 people joined the conversation. Rando NFT owners have new access to opportunities on and off the app: earning revenue, cryptocurrency, and the 3D metaverse. Yubo will share revenue from live events, pixel collections, and other in-app sources with NFT owners. Cryptocurrency will become available in mid-2023 as a reward for NTF owners being the first contributors to the growth of the app. The platform will also use this launch to inform its millions of young users about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and web 3.0. The app will be holding live online events and Q&As weekly with the Yubo CEO to help young people understand how to utilize these new forms of assets safely.

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